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Scientific Researched and Chemical Products (NIICHP)

Development and production highly effective ecologically safe concentrates of lubricant cooling liquids for different typestions of metals and alloys treatment.

  • Emulsols: "ЭПМ-1" , "ЭПМ-1а", "ЭПМ-1у", "ЭПМ-1ш"
  • Соnsentrates: "ПОА-1м", "ПОА-2м"
  • Lubricants: "ЭПМ-2", "ЭПМ-2а", "ЭПМ-2к"

Development and production of concentrates of liquid means used of cleaning of equipment and otherlike products highly effective at low temperatures.
"МР" series

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Lubricating and cooling liquids of "ЭПМ" and "ПОА" series:

  • Ewingtospecial composition the liquids do not pollute atmosphere, do not emit smoke and do not need utilization, they are non-toxic, fireproof and have no smell.
  • The liquids have moistening, cleaning, anticorrosive and bactericidal properties, preserve quality when used and stored for a long time.
  • Being highly effective concentrates are economic in use (12-24 kilogrammes of concentrate per a ton of prepared solution). They are well dissolved in water without any heating.
  • When treated with these liquids of validity of grinding and cutting instruments is prologed 1,5-3times, they prevent abrasive discs from soiling.
  • ЭПМ and ПОА concentrates are more convenient for transporting, storage and dosage compared to liquids (СОЖ). They are economic in usage owing to little consumption, low travel expenses, compact storage. They can be kept under different temperature conditions.
  • They can be kept for more than 5 years preserving their properties.

Emulsol "ЭПМ-1"

Is used in different operations connected with machining and abrasion of products made of cast iron, stell, copper, hard for abrasion magnets and ferrites, possesses lubricating properties of high quality in a wide range of veginus.

Is produced in a form of paste, is used as 2,4% water solution - emulsol, recommtnded instead of well-known lubricating and cooliing liquids (ecol. aquol, ucrinol etc.)

Emulsol "ЭПМ-1а"

Is used in different operations connected with machining and abrasion of products made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminium included, and their alloys.

Is produced in a form of paste, is used as 2.4% water solution - emulsol, is recommended to use insteard of any well-known СОЖ when processing aluminium alloys.

Emulsol "ЭПМ-1у"

Possesses anticorrosive, cleaning , bacterecidal properties.

Is used in edge and abrasive processing of ferrous metais.

Is produced in a form of paste, used as 1,2% water solution - emulsol.

Emulsol "ЭПМ-2ш"

Intended chiefly for abrasive operations on cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals provides high quality of abrasive surfaces and anticorrosive protection.

Is produced in a form of paste, used as 2,2% water solution - emulsol, can be also used for other typers of processing metals.

Lubricant "ЭПМ-2"

Is used in threading,boring and cutting cast iron, steel, copper.

Is used without dilution by method of moistening (dipping).

Is produced as a fluid lubricant.

Is recommended instead of Sulphophresol, Kerosene, oils МР-2у, МР-9, ОСМ-5 etc.

Lubricant "ЭПМ-2а"

Is used for threading, drilling and cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminium included.

Recommended instead of Sulphophresol, kerosene-oil mixtures,ЭГТ,МОТ-2, etc

"ПОА-1м" Concentrate

Is used for edge and abrasive processing of steel, east iron alloys in operations wherever the lay of solution dried up on the surfaces of machine tools, instruments and otherlike products is of no importanct.

Is produced in the form of powder, used as 1,2 % water solution.

"ПОА-2м" Concentrate

Possesses high lubricating and sliding properties, makes surfaces of equipment and tools made of steell, cast iron, flloys (magnets and ferrites hard for proccssing included) clean.

Is produced in a form of paste, used as 2,4 % water solution.

Lubricant "ЭПМ-2к" Concervant

Is intended for conservation of equipment tools and otherlike products for the time of production,storage and transporting.

In the process of conservation cleaning is easily washed off with water, usage kerosene, white spirit and otherlike toxic solvents is excepted,
Is produced in the form of thick grease, the products are covered with it or dipped when heated up to 40 0 C.

Technical cleaning means of "МР" series:

  • The cleaning means are intended for surfaces of equipment, tools and parts under machine and hand processing to be cleaned, deprived of grease and deconservation.
  • They do not requive additional heating and are active under normal temperature conditions.
  • They are recommended to substitude well-known cleaning means, such as kerosene, white spirit, coolings, surface-active substances (ОП-7, ОП-10), ets.


Is well dissolved in cool water, for the transporting and storage conveniences is produced in the form of paste-like mass.

Provides effective cleaning of dirty surfaces with the help of 5-15% water solutions.


Proves to be a highly effective cleaning means when used in cool working solutions.

As compaved to ТОС"МР-5" it has a prolonged validity , is active till full usage of working solution, do not contain admixtures falling down as precipitates.

Is produced in the form of liquids and used as 1-10% water solutions.


Is used as 1-10% water solution for cleaning surfaces of FERROUS end NON-FERROUS metals (aluminum, copper) and their alloys.

Is produced in a form of form of powder, is well dissolved as in cool so in hot water.


Is used for deleting rust from surfaces of FERROUS metals.

Is produced in a form of gel.

Lubricants (Concentrates) for manufacture of concrete

  • In a form of water falution is using for greasing of forms and equipment at manufacturing concrete products
  • Are easily dissolved in water and are spent in small quantities (6-9 kg. of concentrates per a 100 liters water).
  • In difference from oil and petroleum greasings do not leave color spots on a surface of concrete products; provide an equal and smooth surface of products Greasing.

Lubricant "КСФ-1"

Is produced as a viscous liquid.

Is well dissolved both in warm and in cold water.

Is used as 6-9% water solution -emulsol.

SHIPMMENT of products to other regions is made in any quantities (amounts)under orders of the enterprises by post parcels, railway containers and luggaage.